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Schedule a Pickup
We've made it easy to schedule, manage, and pay for
your pickup and deliveries.
  • Bobby from Springfield says - As a father of a young and growing family, time is precious! 2020 Laundromat shows up on time and they deliver a great product at a fair price. The time and energy I save using this service frees me up to spend time with the people I love!

  • Katrina from Springfield says - I switched to 2020 Laundromat when I heard about their pick-up and delivery service! With my busy schedule, the delivery service has been a real game-changer, and with 2020 Laundromat my laundry is always delivered to me looking perfect and smelling fresh!

  • Gloria from Springfield says - When I heard about the new pickup and delivery service, I had to try it! 2020 Laundromat shows up on time and delivers my clothes clean, neatly folded and smelling fresh! The way I do laundry has changed and I recommend this service to all of my friends!

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